Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Increase public awareness in the Dorchester Community of the need for Adult Education Literacy services.
Objective A: By 2009, 50% of the Dorchester Community will be aware of the levels of education of Dorchester residents and their need for adult education literacy services.
Goal 2: Strengthen the Dorchester Adult Literacy Coalition through the participation of each agency involved in the delivery of adult education literacy services and its community partners.
Objective A: By 2009, 100% of the Adult Education Literacy Service Providers will be actively involved in the Dorchester Adult Literacy Coalition.
Objective B: By 2009, 50% of our Community Partners will be collaborating with DALC to implement its goals and objectives.
Objective C: By 2009, there will be a full-time Coordinator for the Dorchester Adult Literacy Coalition.
Goal 3: Create a coordinated system of Adult Education Literacy services and support services in the Dorchester Community.
Objective A: By 2009, a referral system will be in place for Dorchester residents to receive Adult Education Literacy services that meet their needs, avoid duplication of services, and minimize students' time on waiting lists.
Objective B: By 2009, 50% of enrolled adult education learners will receive computer instruction at their level of need.
Objective C: By 2009, 100% of adult education learners who have need of child-care services during class-time, will receive services through collaboration with the Child Care Providers in the community.
Objective D: By 2009, 65% of adult education learners will have improved access to public transportation in order to attend adult education literacy classes.
Goal 4: Increase resources for expansion of Adult Education Literacy services within the community.
Objective A: By 2009, there will be a 50% increase in Adult Education Literacy services to underserved populations in Dorchester.