Vision Statement

The Dorchester Adult Literacy Coalition (DALC), comprised of sixteen Adult Education Program and two libraries, exists to provide coordinated Adult Education Literacy classes, transition to college, training and employment, and enrichment classes and to share resources among programs. Instruction is offered days and evenings, weekdays and weekends, and takes place in the neighborhood, in the workplace and via technology. Adults have access to program information through our website and through our Community Partners especially the Boston Public Libraries, Health Care Centers and schools in Dorchester.

Our Community Partners provide support services (child care and transportation), family literacy workshops for parents and computer instruction. Partners work collaboratively with DALC to meet the changing educational, training and employment needs of the community.

Our elected officials, who support DALC’s work, advocate for funding to meet the needs of the community. Programs receive support from a variety of sources and have technology resources adequate to meet the need.

The impact of the work of the Dorchester Adult Literacy Coalition is a better-educated population who advocates for their own needs and the needs of their children, has access to higher education, training and employment, and is involved in their community as registered voters.