Student Spotlight

picture of student, MichelleMichelle entered the GED and Beyond program at the Dorchester Neighborhood Service Center in March of 2003. Michelle wanted to get her GED so she could put high school behind her, attend college, and pursue a nursing career. As a single mother living and working in Dorchester, attending classes three days a week was going to require enormous strength and persistence.

By December of the same year, Michelle had passed 4 out of the 5 GED exams. All that was left was the math test. When they arrived, the results of the math exams were disheartening. Michelle hadn’t passed. Not on her first or second attempt. These were the hardest days. Michelle discussed her concerns openly: How could she remain in class any longer? Bills were piling up, her son needed her, and she felt the math exam was hopeless. Somehow Michelle stuck with it.

The third time was the charm. Michelle passed her math exam in March 2004, completing all of her GED exams in just under a year. Since then, she has been accepted for enrollment at Roxbury Community College, and is volunteering the Dorchester Neighborhood Service Center organizing GED alumni events. The future looks bright. Michelle’s family, friends, and teacher all share her joy. We are excited to see what you will accomplish next.