Student Works

Nadine Lovemore, June 2004 Student SpotlightNadine, a current Pre-GED student in the ALP, spoke these words during a recent Information Session held at Project HOPE for women who are interested in attending the Adult Learner Program. The growth Nadine has experienced this year has been tremendous. She came to the ALP afraid to be around more than four people at a time. She was anxious, disruptive and uncooperative. Through her personal transformation, Nadine has become a leader in her class. She serves as a student representative sharing input with the ALP staff to effect positive programmatic changes. Nadine shares her amazing story of growth and hope at every ALP Information Session and every Sharing Hope Tour. Nadine has gained the confidence to share her beautiful poetry with her classmates and the public. She has recently been published in a local literary magazine and is in the process of having her collection compiled and published in a book. In the fall, Nadine will be taking a class at Bay State Community College while simultaneously working towards her GED, working full time and being a good mother to her 11 year old son.


One Woman's Transformation

By Nadine Lovemore

"When I first came to the Adult Learner Program last September, I hated the Loves Herself class because I just didnít love myself. My esteem was low. I had negative energy and attitude. I gave my teachers a really hard time and the other students got mad at me. They all ganged up on me one day because of my negativity. It was awful. But after I thought about what they said, I realized they were right and I realized they said it all because they cared about me. This was a big turning point for me. Nine months later I can say now 'thank God for Loves Herself class'. I love others and myself more now than ever. If it werenít for this class I would not be able to be here with you today to share how wonderful the Adult Learner Program is and how it has helped me grow."