Student Works

Nikkia Brown, November 2003 Student SpotlightNikkia, also known as Ki-Ki, is a pre-GED student at Project Hope Adult Learner Program. Nikkia loves poetry, carpentry and masonry. After completing her GED, she hopes to attend trade school to become a construction worker.


Things I Want but I Just Donít Know

By Nikkia Brown

I want to be happy
But I sit here sad
I want to be loved
But I sit here mad.

I want to be hugged
But I sit here free
I want to be touched
But I say leave me.

I want to be with you
But do you want me?
I want to fly
But I have no wings.

I want to watch the sun rise
But I watch it just go down
I want to free my mind
But itís full of stress.

Tell me, what should I do?